Thursday, 1 December 2011


The creation & dissolution of the universe are of cyclic nature. Universe comes up & then dissolves into its field again. This phenomenon gets repeated for a pretty long time. The universe in the present phase of its coming into existence, the process will be repeated eighteen thousand times after which there would be a great pause equal to  15552 X 10000000000 solar years duration.Then the universe will again come up & the evolution - involution phenomenon will start again. This infers of a wave behavior of the universe.The modern scientist Stephen w. Hawking claims in his book "A Brief History Of Time" that before the 20th century  of the christian era no one had suggested that the universe is expanding. This discovery according to him was the greatest intellectual revolution of that century but the truth is that thousands of years prior to his claim Aryans had described it as "Ashvamedham". Ashva standing for expansion & medham for crunch.The current Universe is of a disc form rather more closely resembling the Lotus flower. Galaxies move apart from each other but the proportionality of the distance in between remains the same. The centrifugal force  which makes the universe expand tends to zero so after a particular point in  time these Galaxies lose this force which results into their disintegration. Matter disintegrates into its primary state first & then turns  into energy.Ultimately it merges back into its substratum the space-force continuum. This continuum has been denoted as Amrita in vedic text. This space force continuum also merges into its ultimate substratum. After that long pause the process of creation starts anew. This is the eternal behavior of the creator which never undergoes a change. The matter disintegrates from one form to the other  but something of the involution-potential moves centripetally towards the lower extremity. Since the universe works on the double strand helical phenomenon of evolution-involution,it forms the universal seed which is denoted as Raita in Vedas. In due course of time this universal seed sprouts & interacts with the field. The universe does not contract as is claimed by some thinkers. The matter does not change to any super dense state rather it disintegrates & merges back into its substratum.The matter when in its original state, the system that constitute it must remain with it in the super dense state also but the singularity points of the universe tell us that all the systems break down in that situation. If there are no systems there is no product of theirs. Hence the universe does not contract rather it disintegrates & merges back into its  substratum. With respect to the infinitude of Braham the matter is not of any substantial nature which would contract.It is purely a play of the configurational continuity understood to be the property which comes up & then breaks down.